• Customer Management
    1. Manage all your customers at a single window.
    2. Keep a track of payment history with their complete details.
    3. Send regular payment reminders, coupons, promotional messages to your customers.
  • Coupon Management
    1. Provide special discounts and offers to your prestigious clients by generating discount coupons.
    2. Run multiple offers on birthdays and anniversaries and provide various discounts.
    3.Set the limit on usability and expiry dates of coupons.
  • Online Support
    1. Support form will be available on customer App.
    2. Customers can easily submit their support request.
    3. Details for this will be shared with the merchant on his admin login.
    4. Client can also submit feedback to merchant with the help of form.
  • Reporting Dashboard
    1. Have a complete update with detailed analytics on dashboard.
    2. Reconciled reports are generated by the system in real time for all the payments done through app and web.
    3. Data can be downloaded anytime in the form of excel sheets for extensive usage.
  • Multiple Payment Options
    1. Get numerous payment options for easier payments.
    2. Target wide range of customers by giving them the flexibility to use payments like net banking, credit cards, debit cards, UPI etc.
  • Bank Account Verification
    1. Verify your account for safer transactions.
    2. Save the account details of your payee for future reference